Large dotzBOARD™ Base Only


  • Large dotzBOARD™ Base only
  • Dimensions 148mm x 210mm (5.8″ x 8.3″)
  • Choose from 8 colors!
  • Includes dry erase gridBOARD™
  • dotzBLOKs™ sold separately


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dotzBOARDSs™ are silicone covered grid boards. The 48mm x 210mm (5.8″x8.3″) grid board is a dry erase numbered grid, portrait on one side and landscape on the other, to help create a pixel design. Draw your ideas on the gridBOARD before building your masterpiece with dotzBLOK™ — sold separately —  on the flexible silicone cover. Comes in 8 colors.

This large sized dotzBOARD™ is compatible with first and second generation dotzBLOKs™, sold separately.

Educational Benefits include:

  • Improves fine motor, spacial, graphing, designing, one to one correspondence, and visual discrimination skills
  • Develops understanding of colors, patterns, shapes, numbers and textures
  • Increases confidence, persistence, attention, and ability to follow steps


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