How-to Videos

Pixelate your imagination! The minds behind the fun at the Dotz Company believe in creativity and realizing imaginative potential through building. You can spell out your name or favorite phrases, build shapes and characters or create abstract designs for everyday decoration. Watch our "How To" videos to learn about the Dotz Company products including the dotzCASE™, dotzTAG™, mini dotzTAG™, and StiKidotz™ as well as more about our new and improved perforated dotzBLOK™.


Welcome to The Dotz Company

Welcome to the Dotz Company! Tune in for an introduction to Dotz and to learn what you'll need to begin creating.

About the dotzCASE™

Watch our Dotz Connaisseur show you the features of our dotzCASE™ for iPhone SE/5/5S and iPhone 6/6S.

The dotzTAG™ and mini dotzTAG™

Learn about two of our latest -- and greatest -- dotz products: the dotzTAG™ and mini dotzTAG™. Use them on your backpacks, lunchbox, luggage, or any gear!

All about STiKidotz™

Learn about STiKidotz. The fun way to create a customized pixel art sticker!

How to for the new and improved pixelated dotzBLOK™

Our Dotz Company connoisseur gives us the ins and outs of the new perforated dotzBLOK™. The dotzBLOK™ is used with ALL the Dotz Products.

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