About Dotz

Dotz® are a brand new way to create pixel art. The pieces, called dotzBLOK™, are colorful interconnecting silicone blocks used to craft unique pixelated designs on notebooks, phone and tablet covers and more. The minds behind the fun believe in creativity and realizing imaginative potential through building. Kids can spell out their names or favorite phrases, build shapes and characters or create abstract designs for everyday decoration.


Create your own design or use ours. Every package comes with a set of dotzBLOK™ and design ideas to kickstart your creativity.


DotzBASE™ are used as a canvas for any Dotz design. All our DotzBASE™ come in 12 colors.

DotzBASE™ include ID Tags, stickers, notebooks, phone covers, iPad Mini covers, and dry erase gridBOARD™ with covers. Each dotzBASE™ is made from flexible silicone and designed for use with dotzBLOK™ pieces.

Every dotzBASE ™comes standard with design ideas and enough dotzBLOK™ to create one of those designs or you can create your own pixelated artwork.


DotzBLOK™ are the building blocks for all the pixelated designs and come with every package. They are also sold separately so your imagination is the limit!

All dotzBLOK™ are made of a soft, flexible silicone. They are perforated so can be easily separated to make the brightly colored “pixels” that are used to design any of our silicone covers.

The original dotzBLOK™ is easy to identify. Our dotz logo is found on 4 sides and the holes on the backside fit perfectly with any of our silicone bases.

To separate the dotzBLOK™, first remove the surrounding ring (1, 2) that is imprinted with the dotz logo. Then the dotzBLOK™ can be pulled apart (3, 4) into 16 individual dotzPIXELs™ (5). No scissors needed (6). Each dotzPIXEL has a cavity on the backside that allows it to snap easily into any or our silicone dotzBASE™ products.

Dotz are a creative and fun way to decorate your world! DotzBLOKs™ are compatible with all our dotzBASE™ products.

Dotz for Education

Dotz® products are not only fun to explore, but they offer excellent educational benefits. Students have a variety of ways to convert their ideas into pixelated art. Then they can use the dotzBLOK™ pieces to transfer their design onto a dotzBASE™.

  • Improves fine motor, spacial, graphing, designing, one to one correspondence, and visual discrimination skills
  • Develops understanding of colors, patterns, shapes, numbers and textures
  • Increases confidence, concentration, attention, and ability to follow steps
  • Encourages imagination and non-digital play
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