Specialty Union Jack Series now available at Taste of Britain

September 1, 2016 / Dotz News / 0 Comments /

Check out this specialty Dotz Union Jack series now available at Taste of Britain located Old Norcross, Georgia. (www.tasteofbritain.)

Our Newest About Dotz Video

September 1, 2016 / Dotz Video / 0 Comments /

We have a new series of videos introducing our newest products. Watch our “How To” videos to learn about the Dotz Company products including the dotzCASE™, dotzTAG™, mini dotzTAG™, and StiKidotz™ as well as more about our new and improved perforated dotzBLOK™.

Overview about The Dotz Company

Intro video for STiKidotz

Intro video for dotzCASE

Intro video for dotzTAG and mini dotzTAG

Intro video for dotzCLOK

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