dotzCASE™ for Galaxy S4 Base Only


S4 1 j
  • dotzCASE™ for Samsung Galaxy S4 Base only
  • Choose from 8 colors!
  • Customizable and protective
  • Includes a hard transparent cover for additional defense
  • dotzBLOKs™ sold separately


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The dotzCASE™ for Samsung Galaxy S4 is a silicone cover for your phone that can be customized and protects your device from impact damage. All dotzCASEs™ come with an additional hard, transparent cover that shields your design and adds further protection against bumps, drops and shocks. Use dotzBLOK™ — sold separately —  to customize your cover with a pixelated design.

Available in 8 colors.

This dotzCASE™ for Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with first and second generation dotzBLOKs™, sold separately.


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